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Solvent Recycling Machine For Sale

Solvent recycling machine, using the principle of distillation, evaporates the solvent into a gaseous state by heating, and the vapor enters the cooling system to liquefy and flows out, thus recycling clean organic solvents. Thereby the waste, dirty and old organic solvents are regenerated and recycled. It not only saves a lot of purchasing cost, but also reduces the pollution to the environment.
The most commonly used industrial solvents: such as acetone, alcohol, ethyl acetate, toluene, etc., are flammable and explosive, so the solvent recycling machine must be designed as an explosion-proof structure; it must be certified by the quality supervision department and issued an explosion-proof certificate.

 solvent recycling machine for sale

Product advantages:

1. The whole machine and components adopt explosion-proof safety design

The product has passed the test and certification of China National Explosion-proof Electrical Product Quality Supervision and Inspection Center

2. Timing shutdown function

The recovery time of the machine is set in advance, and the machine will automatically stop when the machine is turned on and running for the preset time. With this function, the recovery time can be appropriately shortened to ensure that a small amount of solution is reserved in the recovery bucket to make the residue in a liquid state when the recovery is completed, which is convenient for cleaning and can effectively prevent dryness or gas explosion.

3. Power failure protection function

If there is a sudden power failure during the operation of the machine, the machine will start the power failure protection function and automatically shut down. When the power is turned on again, the power indicator light will be on, but the machine will not run. If the machine needs to work, you must manually turn the power switch to the "START" position to start the machine.

4. Ultra-high voltage protection function

If the pipeline is blocked, the steam will not be discharged through the steam pipeline, and the pressure inside the barrel will rise, exceeding the external pressure by 0.38 Bar. The safety valve on the lid will automatically open to release the pressure, ensuring the safety of equipment and operators.

5. Set temperature shutdown function

Rotate the shutdown temperature controller knob to set a temperature as the shutdown temperature. When the recovery is completed, the solvent vapor in the steam pipe will gradually decrease, and the scale of the steam thermometer will gradually drop, triggering the shutdown system, and the machine will automatically shut down.

6. Ultra-high temperature protection function

The maximum heating temperature is preset, when the temperature of the heat medium oil reaches the preset maximum temperature, the high temperature protection red light is on, and the heater stops heating. This function ensures that the machine operates safely within the set temperature range and effectively prevents the heating temperature from being too high.

 solvent recycling machine for sale1

Applicable industries:

It can be widely used in various industries where organic solvents are used as cleaning agents, such as:

The solution produced by cleaning spray guns in the spraying industry;

Trichlorethylene solution and toluene solution for cleaning electronic products;

IPA and absolute ethanol for cleaning optical lenses;

Thinner cleaning solution in the printing industry, etc.

※Suitable for recovering organic solvents from liquid solutions (such as: thinner, thinner, acetone, xylene, etc.), not suitable for recovering solvents from gaseous and solid substances.

 solvent recycling machine for sale2

Solvent recycling machine residues are treated as follows:

1. Use a high temperature bag to clean up the residue:

Before recycling, put the high-temperature bag into the bucket and stretch it open, then pour the dirty solvent to be treated into the bag. After recycling, wait until the solvent recycling machine drops to room temperature and the residue remains in the high-temperature bag. Remove the support frame and take out the high-temperature bag , the residue is easily removed, simple and convenient.

2. The machine dumps and discharges the residue:

When the solvent recovery is complete, close the solvent recycling machine. After the residue and steam in the barrel drop to normal temperature, open the lid of the barrel, and then manually pour the whole machine to about 120 degrees. The residue in the barrel will flow out by gravity. If the residue in the barrel becomes solid Or thicker, generally need to rely on other auxiliary tools to clean. This method is the mainstream in the domestic market.

3. Slagging type:

There are two types of slag discharge. After recycling, open the door of the slag discharge outlet, and the residue will flow out automatically. When the residue becomes semi-solid or solid, you must rely on tools to slowly remove the residue. The operation is laborious and not easy to clean. clean. The solvent recycling machine with this structure generally cannot clean up the residue by dumping. The biggest disadvantage is that there is a major safety hazard of solvent leakage. Because the "door" of the slag discharge port relies on plastic sealing gaskets to block the dirty solvent from leaving, During the recycling process, the solvent will often be at high temperature, which will accelerate the aging of the plastic sealing gasket. Generally, solvent leakage will occur after two or three months of use.
In addition, the residue flows out through this "door", and it is difficult to avoid contact with the plastic sealing gasket. When cleaning, if the operator is a little negligent, the gasket will be corroded faster because the cleaning is not done, causing the machine to leak solvent and endangering the safety of the factory; Solvent recovery After the completion, pull the slag discharge switch, and the residue will be discharged automatically. This kind of slag discharge port does not use plastic sealing gaskets, and has a self-cleaning function, so there is no need for operators to clean the slag discharge port. It is very convenient to use and is a unique technology of ZZKD solvent recycling machine , providing a brand-new design concept for the slag discharge method, but this structure also has shortcomings, and the residue should not be too viscous.
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