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Crystallization glass reactor

The crystallization reactor is a kind of glass reactor, which can be used for winterization, decarboxylation and crystallization reactions.


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(1)5-6 openings on reactor cover,which can be increased or decreased according to customer requirements.
(2)Optional reactor capacity(100mL to 100L).
(3)Stainless steel frame,with good preservative effect.
(4)PTFE bottom valve,with design of no dead angle and thorough feeding.
(5)Filter base plate aperture 0.1-200 μ M optional.

cbd crystallization reactor

Accessories details:
Handwheel lifting motor.
Snake condenser, used for condensing reflux.
Collection bottle to collect the liquid separated by filtration.
PTFE filter bottom plate, removable and replaceable filter sand core.

decarboxylation reactor


1.Do not run at high speed under no load.
2.The operating temperature range is as low as - 80 ℃, and the high temperature is recommended to be 250 ℃.
3.Pressure range in reactor: -0.1MPA to 0MPA.
4.It is recommended to gradually raise and lower the temperature, and the sudden drop temperature difference is 100 ℃.

cbd winterization equipment

Opening of reactor cover: 10L-20L with total openings (stirring opening 50,flange liquid feed inlet DN25,high vacuum )


cbd crystallization reactor


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