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RE-201D Rotary Evaporator

Supporting equipment :
Circulating water vacuum pump
Low temperature coolant circulating pump


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RE-201D Rotary evaporator is a small scale rotary evaporator. The maximum capacity of the evaporating flask is 2L, and the maximum capacity of the collecting flask is 1L. It is suitable for continuous or intermittent distillation and extraction of materials under normal pressure or vacuum conditions, and is especially suitable for heat-sensitive materials. Concentration, crystallization, separation and recovery are essential basic instruments for chemical, pharmaceutical, universities, scientific research laboratories and other units.

re-201d rotary evaporator

Rotary evaporator usually consists of four parts:
Glass parts
Water bath parts
Sealed parts
Motor parts

Glass part:
All use high borosilicate glass, the physical and chemical properties are more prominent.

2L rotary evaporator

Condenser: The rotary evaporator evaporates the liquid under constant temperature control. The evaporative airflow returns to the condenser. After constant temperature cooling, it is converted into liquid and then returned to the recovery bottle. The condenser plays an important role.

Evaporating flask: The evaporating material is placed in a rotating flask, and usually the solvent capacity cannot exceed half of the evaporating flask capacity.

mini rotary evaporator

Receiving flask: the material extracted by distillation is stored in the receiving bottle.

Water bath parts:
Provide a heating source for the materials in the evaporating flask. Different types of rotary steamers have different powers in the water bath.

Sealed parts:
The flange is made of rubber wood and PTFE, which has strong hardness, high temperature resistance and more wear resistance.

Motor part:
1) Adopt international standard copper wire.
2) Long continuous operation time and good stability.
3) CE certification.

The usual supporting equipment for rotary evaporator:
Circulating water vacuum pump: Vacuuming provides a vacuum environment for material reaction. It is divided into two types: desktop (SHZ-D) and vertical (SHZ-C). You can choose and match according to the type of rotary evaporator.


Model RE-201D
Rotating Flask(L) 2
Collection Flask(L) 1
Rotating Motor(W) 40
Rotating(R/min) 0-120
Water(Oil)Bath Power(W) 1200
Temp Control Mode/Range(℃) RT-399
Temp Resolution(℃) ±2
Evaporation Rate(L/H2O) ≥1
Max Vacuum Degree <133pa
Lifting Height(mm) 0-150
Water Bath Size(mm) Φ24*15
Condenser Vertical with charge pipe,Large Condenser,evaporating pipe
Lifting Mode Oil bath Manual Lifting
Voltage 220V/50HZ
Sealing Mode PTFE,fluoro rubber sealing


1. What is the capacity of the rotating bottle of RE-201D rotary evaporator and what is the capacity of the receiving bottle?
The capacity of the evaporator flask is 2L, and the capacity of the receiving flask is 1L.

2. What industries does RE-201D usually apply?
RE-201D is a small-scale rotary evaporator, and the efficiency of distillation extraction is not as good as that of a large-scale rotary evaporator, It is usually more suitable for such as laboratories.

3. What capacity rotary evaporator do you have?
We can offer you 0.25L,0.5L, 1L,2L,3L, 5L, 10L, 20L, 50L.

4. What supporting equipment for rotary evaporator do you offer?
We recommend that you use circulating water vacuum pumps and low temperature coolant circulating pumps for the supporting equipment of rotary evaporator.

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