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5L short path distillation kit

-High purification
-High Extraction Rate
-Strong Evaporation
-Easy Operation
-Rate safety stable
-No worries after sale


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The 5l CBD short path distillation kit is the best equipment for extracting CBD oil and can improve extraction efficiency.

The short path design of the short path distillation kit and the ultra-fast heating rate of the heated mantle are important factors influencing the efficiency of the short-path distillation system.

5L short path distillation kit
- The fractionation process is free evaporation on the surface of the liquid layer without bubbling.
- High-precision transmission and mechanical seal design to ensure the long-term smooth operation of the equipment.
- The surface of the cylinder has a high surface finish and is not easy to stick.
- Short-path distillation equipment is simple in structure.
- The structural dimensions can be customized to the specific needs of the customer.
- Short-path distillation is a physical separation process that keeps the material in a natural state free from contamination.

5L short path distillation kit

The advantage of short-path distillation is that under negative pressure, the heating temperature can be much lower than the boiling point of the liquid under standard pressure.
-High purification
-High Extraction Rate
-Strong Evaporation
-Easy Operation
-Rate safety stable
-No worries after sale

For the perfect use of the entire short path distillation system, you may need the following equipment
- Circulating water vacuum pump
- Diaphragm vacuum pump
- Rotary vane vacuum pump
- Low temperature coolant circulation pump
- Low temperature constant temperature reaction bath

After sale
- 1 year warranty service and all life maintenance.
- Technical Egineer are avalible for oversea trainning.
- Free change for some parts
- Remote control technical consult
- Free installation DVD
- Maintenance plan


Model Parts name Parts number
5L short path distillation 5000 ml Digital Heating Mantle 1
5000 ml 2 Neck Boiling Flask 1
Short Path Distillation Head 1
Cow Receiver 1
1000 ml Round Bottom Flasks 3
Plastic Keck Clips 7
Cast Iron Stand 2
Metal Three Finger Clamp 1
Cold trap 1
PTFE magnetic stirring bar 1
Lifting platform 1
backing ring 1


1. Do you have a short-path distillation head for sale?
Yes, we have all the parts on the short path distillation kits that we sell, and they all have quite high-quality parts. We also have all types of short path distillation equipment available for sale, so we have all the accessories for the cbd short-path distillation kits you need.

2. What equipment is equipped with the short-path distillation system?
The short path distillation kits we sell mainly include electric heating mantle, all glass components, iron frames, and cold wells.

3. How do you package the short path distillation kit for shipment?
We package our products in special cartons and you can order fumigation boxes if you have special requirements.

4.What is the 5L short path distillation used for?
5L short path distillation is a small scale short path distillation kit, used for distillation extraction, the most commonly used field is the laboratory.

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