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Paint Thinner Recycling Machine For Sale

With the continuous deterioration of the environment, many manufacturers have purchased solvent recovery machines to reduce resource loss by using solvent recovery equipment. Many manufacturers often put the price first when purchasing, but there are many things we need to consider when purchasing a solvent recovery machine. What should we pay attention to when purchasing a solvent recovery machine? The following ZZKD Laboratory Equipment Co., Ltd. will introduce to you .

 paint thinner recycling machine for sale

1. Quality

After all, it is used to process petroleum, paint and other solvents. If the quality of the equipment is relatively poor, there will still be impurities in the processed solvent, and the range of re-use of impure solvents will be relatively small, so it must be sure that the equipment is in In terms of solvent handling, can it be handled at a relatively high level and pay attention to the quality of the equipment.

2. Price

Of course, the price of the solvent recovery machine is also a problem worth considering when many people buy it. After all, you get what you pay for. If you want to buy a better solvent recovery machine, you can’t save too much in terms of price.

3. Scope of application

In order to determine the scope of application of the equipment and cooperate with those who need to deal with it in the industry, it is necessary to determine whether the scope of use of the equipment is suitable before purchasing, otherwise the purchase will not help the entire solvent treatment process.
Because the intention of the manufacturer to purchase the solvent recovery machine is to recycle waste resources in the industry, so don't look at the price when purchasing the solvent recovery machine, but also have concerns about other aspects to ensure that the purchased equipment is good for the industry. Solvent recovery is indeed useful, and at the same time, it can effectively achieve the purpose of resource recovery and improve the secondary use rate of solvents.

ZZKD paint thinner recycling machine for sale

Paint thinner recycling machine is a high-tech environmental protection and energy-saving equipment independently developed by our company. It is used to filter organic waste chemical organic solvents produced in the industrial production process. This product is currently in the leading position in China, and many important technologies are unique to our company. Have. According to the type, concentration and working condition of the liquid containing organic matter, the recovery efficiency is as high as 95-98%.
Recycling effect:
(Contrast chart before and after solvent treatment)

 paint thinner recycling machine for sale compared

Meet the requirements of environmental protection and energy saving:

The equipment maximizes the treatment and reduction of dirty and waste solvents into clean solvents, which can be recycled and reused in production to reduce pollution; meet the rigid requirements of the country for environmental protection and energy conservation; and are of great help to enterprises applying for ISO14000.

Save production cost:

With the fluctuation of international crude oil prices, the prices of all petrochemical products are also rising steadily, and the manufacturing costs of production enterprises are also relatively increased. This equipment adopts the principle of physical distillation to reduce the dirty organic solvent into a clear, clean and recyclable solvent, which greatly reduces the manufacturing cost, turns waste into treasure, and creates profits for the enterprise.

Improve factory production safety factor:

In the manufacturing process, solvents are used to clean tools and products, and the dirty waste solvents generated are stored somewhere in the factory, and only after a certain amount is concentrated are outsourced for disposal. A large amount of waste solvents not only occupy the available space of the factory but also bring huge safety hazards. Timely treatment and recovery of dirty waste solvents not only achieve energy saving, environmental protection, and cost reduction benefits, but also improve the utilization rate of the space in the plant and the safety factor of the entire plant.

Solution recovery process:

1. Add the solution to be treated in the container

2. The heating rod heats the heat medium oil in the interlayer of the recovery barrel

3. The heat medium oil transfers heat to the waste solution in the recovery bucket to raise the temperature of the solution, and the organic solvent is converted from liquid to gas after being heated.

4. The gaseous solvent is liquefied and flows out through the cooling system; the separated clean solvent flows into the recovery vessel

5. Clean up the residue after the heat medium oil is cooled

 paint thinner recycling machine for sale process

Scope of application of Paint thinner recycling machine

Recyclable solvents:

1. Aromatic hydrocarbons: toluene, xylene, mesitylene, etc.

2. Aliphatic hydrocarbons: pentane, hexane, octane, etc.

3. Alicyclic hydrocarbons: cyclohexane, cyclohexanone, toluene, cyclohexanone, etc.

4. Halogenated hydrocarbons: chlorobenzene, dichlorobenzene, methylene chloride, trichloroethylene, etc.

5. Alcohols: methanol, ethanol, isopropanol, etc.

6. Ethers: ether, propylene oxide, etc.

7. Esters: methyl acetate, ethyl acetate, butyl acetate, etc.

8. Ketones: acetone, methyl ethyl ketone, methyl isobutyl ketone, etc.

9. And other unlisted organic solvents.

Non-recyclable solvents:

1. Harmful substances such as nitrocellulose and oxidant solvents.

2. Strong acid or strong base solvent.

3. Highly toxic solvents.

4. Strong solvent corrosion to stainless steel or brass.
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