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Digital Water Bath Laboratory

Model: GYY
Capacity: 5L-100L
Application: Digital water bath laboratory is widely used in chemical, pharmaceutical, food, environmental protection and other fields.
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Introduction of digital water bath laboratory:

GYY series digital water bath laboratory is a circulation and constant temperature device specially designed for the heating of double-layer glass reactors and stainless steel double-layer reactors. It has the characteristics of compact and reasonable structure, convenient use, precise control, controllable output flow, and energy saving. It can be used as a constant temperature heat source for double-layer reactors, and it can also be used for other devices that require circular constant temperature heating.

5L digital water bath laboratory

Structure of digital water bath laboratory

Digital water bath laboratory generally consists of containers, heaters, temperature controllers and temperature displays. Among them, the container is used to hold water or oil, the heater is responsible for heating the water or oil, the temperature controller is used to adjust the temperature of the heater, and the temperature display is used to display the temperature of the water or oil.

Features of digital water bath laboratory

·Simple and intuitive operation.
·It adopts electrostatic spray plastic shell and imported stainless steel box, which can prolong the service life.
· Simultaneously display the actual temperature and the set temperature.
·It has the function of external circulation, high power, easy to adjust the flow and other characteristics.
·Fully enclosed casing prevents direct contact with pump and heater while providing quick access for inspection and cleaning.
·The digital water bath laboratory uses oil or water as the heat transfer medium, which can provide a stable heating temperature and maintain a uniform temperature during the experiment, which is conducive to the accuracy and repeatability of the experimental results.
·Easy maintenance: The cleaning and maintenance of digital water bath laboratory is very simple, only need to change oil or water regularly, clean the container, no complicated maintenance work is required.

digital water bath laborator components

Application of digital water bath laboratory

Chemical synthesis experiments:

Digital water bath laboratory is often used in organic synthesis experiments, such as aromatic substitution reactions, esterification reactions, alkylation reactions, etc.

Materials Science Experiments:

The digital water bath laboratory can be used for thermal stability testing of materials, determination of melting point of wax, determination of melting properties of polymer materials, etc.

Pharmaceutical R&D:

The digital water bath laboratory can be used in the research of drug synthesis, drug stability testing, etc.

Food processing:

Digital water bath laboratory can be used for food heat treatment, constant temperature cooking, etc.

Environmental testing:

The digital water bath laboratory can be used for the treatment and analysis of water samples, waste water, waste gas and other samples.

Grouped equipment:

The digital water bath laboratory can usually be used alone, but it is often used together with other experimental equipment to meet the needs of different experiments. For example: Double-layer glass reactor, stainless steel double-layer reactor.

digital water bath laboratory application

Operating specification:

1. First fix the water bath on the platform, then install the rubber hose and inject clean water. Note that the platform needs to be fixed to avoid shaking.
2. Connect to the power supply, then adjust the temperature by rotating the button, the water bath will start to heat until it reaches the set temperature value, and then enter the constant temperature state. Pay attention to the socket connected to the water bath, which must have reliable grounding.
3. In the constant temperature state, put the items that need constant temperature into the water bath. Note that in order to ensure a very stable effect, the contact parts of the box should be tightly sealed with cardboard.


         Model GYY-5L GYY-10L GYY-20L GYY-30L GYY-50L GYY-80L GYY-100L
Liquid Storage Volume (L) 5 10 20 30 50 80 100
No-load max. Temp.(℃) 200
Heating power (kW) 2.5 3 3.5 4.5 5 8 9
Power(V/HZ) 220 50/60    380 50/60 
Pressure (MPa) 1.45
Flow Rate(L/min) 15~20 25~30 35
Temp. control range(℃) Water bath :RT~99  Oil bath :RT~250
Optional configuration Explosion-proof motors and electrical
Liner size(cm) 25*22 25*25 30*30 35*30 45*35 45*45 50*50
Overall dimensions(cm) 60*40*


Q: The digital water bath laboratory is constantly overheating during use.

A: From this, it can be judged that the power board may be damaged, and the power board needs to be replaced. If the over-temperature range is not too large, it is mostly caused by improper adjustment of the control parameter PID. Adjust properly according to the manual.

Q: When the power switch is turned on during use, the indicator light does not light up, and the temperature control meter has no display.

A: Check whether the power cord is plugged in properly. If the power cord is normal, check whether the fuse on the back of the digital water bath laboratory is blown. If it is blown, replace the fuse.

Q: When the digital water bath laboratory is working, the tail of the LED digital tube jumps quickly.

A: It may be caused by voltage instability, you can change the power supply and try again.

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