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5 liter Rotary Evaporator

Low Noise
Reliable Sealing
Large Contact Area
High Evaporation Efficiency


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Product introduction

5 liter rotary evaporator is a device that uses a rotary evaporator (flask) to increase the evaporation area and place it in a water bath under reduced pressure while rotating while heating, so that the solution in the bottle diffuses and evaporates. It is an ideal necessary basic instrument for the chemical industry, pharmaceutical industry, colleges and universities and scientific research laboratories for the concentration, drying and recycling of manufacturing and analysis experiments.

 5 liter rotary evaporator

Product structure

Rotary motor: drive the evaporating flask by rotation.

Evaporation pipe: the support shaft for the rotation of the evaporating flask, and the vacuum-sealed pipe for extracting steam from the material.

Vacuum system: reduce the pressure in the evaporator system and lower the boiling point of the material.

Heating bath: Water or oil is often used to heat materials.

Condenser: In order to speed up the condensation efficiency, it is usually made into a double snake surround type, and then add a condensing agent such as dry ice and acetone to condense the sample.

Condensate collection bottle: used to capture distillation solvent after recondensation and collect samples.

Lifting Device: A mechanical or motorized mechanism that rapidly lifts the evaporating flask out of the heating bath.

Working principle:

The 5 liter rotary evaporator is electronically controlled to make the flask rotate at a constant speed at a suitable speed to increase the evaporation area. The evaporating flask was kept under negative pressure by a vacuum pump. The evaporation flask is placed in a water bath for constant temperature heating while rotating, and the solution in the bottle is heated, diffused and evaporated in the rotating flask under negative pressure. The rotary evaporator system can be sealed and decompressed to 400-600 mm Hg; the solvent in the distillation flask is heated with a heating bath, and the heating temperature can be close to the boiling point of the solvent; at the same time, it can also be rotated at a speed of 50-160 rpm. Make the solvent form a thin film and increase the evaporation area. In addition, under the action of the cooler, the hot vapor can be quickly liquefied to speed up the evaporation rate.

Product Features

●The water bath can be used for both water bath and oil bath, and the temperature range is: room temperature-180°C. The heating tube automatically stops heating when the temperature is higher than the set temperature. The heating pot equipped with air duct type cooling device adopts Teflon composite pot, which is easy to clean.
●5 liter rotary evaporator electronic stepless speed regulation, speed digital display 0-310 rpm, optional forward and reverse function. Intermittent left and right circulation, suitable for drying process.
●The 5 liter rotary evaporator has a large condensing area, a drip point and an anti-backflow design. (Effectively improve work efficiency)
●The evaporating bottle adopts a push handle mechanism, which is easy to disassemble.
●The design of 5 liter rotary evaporator is equipped with vacuum gauge and valve to control the vacuum degree (to prevent the liquid in the vacuum pump from recoiling into the glass container of the rotary evaporator, so that the experiment will be successful once).

 5 liter rotary evaporator

Product application

5 liter rotary evaporator, suitable for chemical industry, laboratory, biological scientific research units.

How to use the rotary evaporator

Step1: Height adjustment: manual lifting, turn the hand wheel on the top of the machine column, clockwise to ascend, reverse to descend.
Step2: Electric lifting, touch the up button to raise the host, and touch the down button to lower the host.
Step3: There are two external connectors on the condenser for cooling water connection. One end is connected to the water inlet and the other end is connected to the outlet water. Generally, it is connected to tap water. The lower the temperature of the condensed water, the better the effect. The upper port is equipped with a vacuum connector, connected to the vacuum pump skin tube for vacuuming.
Step4: Before turning on the machine, first turn the speed control knob to the left to the minimum, press the power switch to light up the indicator light, and then slowly turn it to the right to the required speed. Generally, large evaporators use medium and low speeds, and lower speeds are used for solutions with high viscosity. , the flask is a standard interface, with 500ml and 1000ml two flasks attached, the solution volume is generally not more than 50% is suitable.
Step5: When using, depressurize first, and then start the motor to rotate the distillation flask. At the end, stop the motor first, and then open the atmosphere to prevent the distillation flask from falling off during rotation.

5 liter rotary evaporator


Mode R1005 R1010 R1020 R1050
Working power supply (V/Hz) Single phase 220/60 Three phase 220-240V/380v/60Hz
Main engine speed (RPM) 10~140 20~120
Rotary electric machine (W) 40 Brush-less 250
Rotating bottle (L) 5 10 20 50
Recovery bottle (L) 3 5 10 20
Condenser tube Vertical double coil Vertical main cold+cold side, high efficiency
re-flux condenser
Water bath pot material Stainless steel
Water bath pot size (mm) Φ300×170 Φ350×220 Φ450×260 Φ550×320
Lifting function Electric lift Electric + hand lift
Lift stick (mm) 0~150 0~160 0~190 0~180
Whole power (KW) 2 3 4 4.0(220-240V)
Outline dimension (mm) 7650×400×1070 920×550×1700 1250×600×2100 1320×770×2340


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