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Rotary Tablet Press Machine

Even feeding and accurate adjustment
Uniform tablet thickness
Low motor noise
Clean and beautiful


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Introduction of Rotary tablet press machine:

High speed tablet press machine has the functions of frequency conversion speed regulation, pressure average display, overload protection, emergency braking and other functions. The lubricating products of American wholly-owned Becher Company, the motor of ABB Company as the main motor, the frequency converter of INVT, the display screen of Siemens, and the switch and circuit breaker of Omron are adopted. Fully enclosed transparent window structure, less dust pollution, excellent sealing. The working chamber is completely separated from the transmission mechanism, which effectively prevents cross-infection and complies with GMP standards.
high speed tablet press machine

Application of Rotary tablet press machine:

HSZP series rotary tablet press machine is widely used in the pharmaceutical industry, and can also be used in food, chemical, electronic and other industries. It is suitable for pressing dry granular raw materials, not suitable for semi-solid, wet granules, low melting point hygroscopic raw materials and non-granular powders. It can press round sheets with double-sided lettering and special-shaped sheets with geometric shapes.

working principle of Rotary tablet press machine:

The rotation of the main shaft drives the pressure plate fixed on the upper and lower ends of the main shaft to rotate. The punch on the pressure plate rotates with the pressure plate under the constraint of the upper and lower guide rails. There are a set of pressure wheels at the left and right ends of the main shaft. The wheel is composed of a pre-pressing wheel and a main pressing wheel. When the punch rotates to the position of the pressing wheels at the left and right ends, the force is exerted by the pre-pressing wheel and the main pressing wheel fixed on the upper and lower boxes to finally make the powder Forming, compared to the original design of a set of pressure rollers, improves production efficiency.

Structure of Rotary tablet press machine

Work packing:
Rotating the turntable once can drive the punching die to pass through the feeding mechanism, filling mechanism, pressure mechanism and tablet discharging mechanism in order to complete the process of continuous tablet compression.
pill tablet press machine work packing
Feeding device:
The hopper is two sets of feeders with a cone-bottom shape and a moon-shaped backflow grid. The front feeder is used to supply the left pressure roller, and the rear feeder is used to supply the right pressure roller. The device of the feeder must pay attention to its plane. It should be calibrated to touch the surface of the turntable without touching it, and generally leave a gap of 0.05-0.1mm.
pill tablet press machine feeding device
Filling adjustment mechanism:
The filling adjustment mechanism is installed inside the main body, and the moon-shaped filling rail can be observed on the plane of the main body. It rises or falls by the action of the spiral to control the filling amount. The front rail controls the tablet pressing amount of the left pressing wheel, and the rear The track is used to control the pressing amount of the right pressing wheel.
Upper and lower punch guide rail:
The track is a return track, the guide disc is fixed and the mandrel is fixed, and the track does not rotate when the turntable rotates.
Pressure Regulating Mechanism:
It is not the upper and lower punch rails that actually apply the pressure to the drug on a rotary tablet press. The upper and lower punches are placed on the pair of upper and lower pressure rollers on the frame in the pressurization stage. When the die passes through the lowest point, the pressure is the largest.
upper and lower punch guide rail

Features of Rotary tablet press machine:

1. Realize mechanical and electrical integration, convenient and simple operation.
2. The outer casing is fully enclosed plexiglass, bright and beautiful, surrounded by stainless steel, which can maintain the surface gloss and prevent cross-contamination, in line with GMP.
3. The mechanically installed dust collection device can absorb the flying dust in the pressing room.
4. The punching die of the large tablet rotary tablet press is universal. Can be changed to 31D, 35D rotary tablet press
5. The mechanical operation can be seen clearly with the transparent protective cover. And can be fully opened for easy cleaning and maintenance.
6. The speed is non-adjustable and can be adjusted arbitrarily.
1. The transmission system is sealed in the oil tank under the main body of the machine, which is an independent component that is safely separated and will not pollute each other

Maintenance method of Rotary tablet press machine:

1. Regularly check the machine parts, 1-2 times a month. The inspection items are whether the worm gear, worm, bearing, pressure, crankshaft, upper and lower rail guides and other moving parts are flexible and wearable. If any defects are found, they should be repaired and used in time.
2. After one use or shutdown, the remaining powder should be taken out, and the residual powder in each part of the machine should be cleaned. If the shutdown time is long, all the punches must be removed, and the machine must be wiped clean to ensure that the parts are smooth. Coat the surface with anti-rust oil and cover it with a cloth.
3. The maintenance of the punching die should be placed in a covered metal box, so that the whole punch of the punching die is fully immersed in the oil, and it must be kept clean to prevent rust and bruises. It is best to customize the iron box and pack one box for each specification , which can avoid wrong installation and help to grasp the damage situation during use.
4. The place of use should be cleaned frequently, especially for the manufacture of medicine and edible tablets, and there should be no dust, sand and flying dust.

Common faults and solutions:

Common fault one: wear of the pressure wheel

The pressure wheel part is a device for high speed tablet press machine to adjust the tablet pressure, and generally consists of an upper pressure wheel and a lower pressure wheel. In normal use, the wear of the pressure roller is difficult to avoid, and the severely worn pressure roller may increase the resistance on the tail of the punch and affect the operation of the equipment. Therefore, the pressure roller should be replaced in time after wear.
Common fault 2: No response to the handwheel adjustment or the adjustment effect is not obvious

The failure of the handwheel adjustment to work normally is usually caused by loose screws or the stuck turbine. Therefore, when a fault occurs, you should check the turbine and the handwheel as necessary, and tighten the screws or add lubricating oil according to the actual fault.
Common fault three: the punch does not work normally

The reason why the punch can’t work normally may be caused by the failure of the guide rail. Specifically, it may be that the guide rail is worn or the guide rail assembly is loose. In the case of long-term continuous work, this problem is sometimes difficult to avoid . When encountering such a situation, you should first check the condition of the guide rail to confirm the specific cause of the problem. If the guide rail is severely worn or damaged, you should replace the parts in time.
Common failure four: start and stop

The reason for the startup and shutdown should be caused by overload protection, just reduce the pressure and restart.
Common fault five: line problem

Line problems include failure of keys, no display on the panel, failure of alarm lights, damage to the axial fan, etc. When encountering such problems, it is necessary to check and maintain the line. It is generally recommended to find professional maintenance personnel to operate.


Main technical data:

Model ZP-5A ZP-7A ZP-9A
Punch quantity(Sets) 5 7 9
Max.tablet pressure (kn) 40 60 60
Max.tablet diameter (mm) 20 20 20
Max.filling depth (mm) 15 15 15
Max.ta blet thickness (mm) 6 6 6
Turret rotary speed (r/min) 30 30 30
Production capacity (PC/h) 9000 12600 16200
Motor power (kw) 1.5 1.5 1.5
Overall size (mm) 400×580×1000 400×580×1000 400×580×1000


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