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S-1L Jacketed Glass Reactor

Grouped equipment:
Circulating water vacuum pump
Cooling chiller
Heater chiller
Water/Oil bath


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The S-1L jacketed glass reactor is the smallest model in the double layer glass reactor. It is made of high borosilicate glass and 304 stainless steel. It is most commonly used in laboratories. It has the characteristics of high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, easy operation and easy maintenance.

1L jacketed glass reactor
The glass  parts of the jacketed glass reactor :

The body of double layer glass reactor and Kettle cover are containers for the reaction materials, the material is high borosilicate glass, which is resistant to high temperature, acid and alkali, and is the best container for chemical acid experiments;

The constant-pressure dropping funnel is a double-layer kettle liquid feeding device, which provides liquid feeding for materials during the reaction process, and can also meet the continuous dripping function of materials during the reaction process;

The distillation elbow is used with a condenser, and the reaction process can be used for reflux and extraction; the serpentine condenser is used for condensing materials to evaporate, reflux and distill, and the condensation effect is good;

The thermometer sleeve is set for measuring the temperature of the material in the kettle, and the material corrosion probe is placed;

The inlet and outlet valves provide a gas release function for the vacuum distillation experiment, and can also be used for extraction and feeding during the experiment;

The lower discharge valve is divided into two types: tetrafluoroethylene and glass, which are used for sealing during the material reaction and collecting and discharging after the reaction;

The hollow plug is located at the top of the constant pressure dropping funnel, used to feed and seal the constant pressure dropping funnel;

The suction elbow is located at the top of the serpentine condenser and is used for vacuuming in the vacuum distillation experiment.

lab scale glass reactor


-Adopt AC frequency conversion speed regulation, the speed is stable, and safe and stable.

-All glass parts adopt GG17 or GG33 double-layer jacket structure, the thickness of the glass is 5-7mm, with good physical and chemical properties.

-The sealing part is made of Teflon material, high vacuum, acid and alkali resistance.

-It can work under normal pressure and negative pressure, and the pressure can reach -0.098Mpa.

-It can be used with oil bath, low temperature coolant circulating pump, circulating water vacuum pump, heater chiller.


1l jacketed glass reactor


Model S-1L S-2L S-3L S-5L
Stirring Power(W ) 60
Stirring Speed(rpm) 0~600(Max. 1300)
Stirring Shaft Diameter(mm) 12
Reaction Kettle Capacity(L) 1 2 3 5
Power Supply 220V  50/60 Hz
Motor  Torque(g/cm) 2000 2400 4800
Note Floor type
Explosion-proof 1. The stirring power (W): 180, 250, 370
2. Power supply: 220V / 50Hz or 110V / 60Hz
110 V/60Hz can be customized


1.What material is used for the glass part of your lab scale glass reactor?
The whole set of glass parts are high borosilicate glass, which has excellent chemical and physical properties.

2.How should the 1L jacketed glass reactor be maintained?
The container of the glass reactor should be maintained once a week, scrubbed and coated with a small amount of grease. Check the degree of wear and corrosion of the seals, and replace the worn or corroded seals in time to ensure the vacuum of the equipment.

3.How to package and ship the glass reactor equipment?
Usually we use cartons to pack our products, if you have special requirements, you can order fumigated wooden boxes.

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