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Rotary evaporator with recirculating chiller

Rotary evaporator is a common distillation extraction equipment, widely used in laboratories, chemical and pharmaceutical industries, and it is also one of our main products.The models of small rotary evaporators are: RE-201D rotary evaporator(2L rotary evaporator), RE-301 rotary evaporator(3L rotary evaporator), RE-501, and large rotary evaporators: R-1020, R-1050, etc.welcome to consult, we will provide you with a reasonable solution.

rotary vacuum evaporator with recirculating chiller

Under reduced pressure, the rotary evaporator can continuously distill a large amount of volatile solvents, especially for the concentration of the extract and the distillation of the receiving liquid during chromatographic separation, to separate and purify the reaction product.Rotary evaporators are mainly used for concentration, crystallization, drying, separation and solvent recovery in the pharmaceutical, chemical and biopharmaceutical industries. They are commonly used test equipment for laboratory chemical analysis in petrochemical, explosives and other enterprises.

Working principle:
The working principle of the rotary evaporator is vacuum distillation, that is, under normal pressure or reduced pressure, heating at a constant temperature, so that the rotating bottle rotates at a constant speed, and the substance is formed on the wall of the bottle to form a large-area film for efficient evaporation.The solvent vapor is cooled by a glass condenser and recovered in a collection bottle. Rotary evaporators can be divided into small (≤ 1, 2, 3, 5 L), medium (10, 20 L) and large (50 L) according to the volume of the evaporating flask.

rotary evaporator with vacuum pump 30L price

The structure of the rotary evaporator is mainly composed of a driving device, an evaporating bottle, a collecting bottle, a condenser, a vacuum device, a lifting system, a heating bath, and a control system.

Calibration item
Calibration includes 6 items: visual inspection, evaporating bottle speed indication error, timer timing error, constant temperature bath temperature indication deviation, constant temperature bath temperature uniformity, and constant temperature bath temperature fluctuation.

Calibration method
Use visual inspection, manual, power-on methods to inspect the appearance of the instrument, the interaction of various parts, and the leak tightness of the instrument.The appearance of the instrument should not have any mechanical damage that would affect the normal operation. The control switches should work normally, and the instrument should run without abnormal vibration or noise.Start the cold source equipment, let the cooling medium pass through the condenser, and then start the vacuum decompression equipment, check the cooling medium pipe and the vacuum connection pipeline for leaks (check that water is sprayed to the interface when vacuuming, and whether there are bubbles generated or removed Condensate tube, plug the hose port of the vacuum pipeline by hand, check whether the vacuum decompression equipment can reach the vacuum degree, you can know whether the condenser tube is leaking).

Indication error of evaporating flask speed
Connect and install the rotary evaporator according to the normal working condition. Fill the evaporating flask and constant temperature bath with appropriate amount of distilled water and constant temperature medium, and stick the tachometer reflective film on the outside of the evaporating flask for easy observation. During the rotation of the evaporating flask, light will be reflected do not immerse the membrane in liquid.Turn on the instrument, turn the instrument speed adjustment knob, and set the corresponding speed of the instrument. After the speed is stable, read the instrument speed, turn on the tachometer, align the tachometer with the reflective film on the evaporating flask, and use the tachometer to read the value of the speed. Read the speed value once every 1 minute, and read it 3 times in total, and calculate the speed indication error according to the formula.

The calibration method of the rotary evaporator has been established. According to the experimental data and the factory parameters of the instrument, the measurement performance requirements of the rotary evaporator are summarized. Through uncertainty evaluation, this method can accurately evaluate the measurement performance of this type of instrument.
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