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Food freeze dryer machine for fruit

Our freeze dryer has two types: laboratory freeze dryer and food freeze dryer,It is small in size and takes up less space,simple operation and higher efficiency.

freeze dryer for fruit

The freeze dryer machine must comply with GMP regulations. In addition to accommodating the latest freeze-drying technology, a relatively complete freeze-drying equipment must also have the comprehensive capabilities of safety, reliability, applicability and economy in four aspects.

freeze dryer for food

1)The capacity and specifications of the freeze dryer, including the area of the partition, the water capacity of the condenser, the size of the partition, the spacing of the partition, etc., should all match the size of the production volume.

2)The front and back of the partition should be quite flat, the plate temperature should be uniform, and the temperature difference between the plates and each point of the plate should be controlled within ±1℃ to ensure the uniform quality of the entire batch of products.

3) The temperature of the condenser should be able to drop to the required temperature within 2 to 5 hours, generally below 45°C.

food freeze dryer machine

4) The vacuum degree of the box, measured with an empty box, should reach 2.66 Pa within 30 minutes. The freeze-drying box, the slab, the water vapor condenser, and the steam condenser are all components subject to internal and external pressure, and their leakage under vacuum may cause pollution to the medicine. Therefore, the internal and external pressure components in the freeze-drying equipment must be strictly tested for leakage.

5) The box body should be made of high-quality stainless steel, with reasonable design, easy to clean, and high corrosion resistance. All freeze-dried boxes, plates, hoses, piston rods and water vapor condensers, steam condensers, and various vacuum valves and pipe fittings that directly and indirectly contact drugs are made of imported low-carbon stainless steel material SUS304 ( L) or SUS316( L).In order to facilitate manual cleaning and CIP automatic online cleaning of the freeze-drying box, the slab and the water vapor condenser, the internal structure of these components is as simple as possible, and the same function can be achieved with a minimum of parts. The cleaning water must be ultra-filtered water with a temperature of 50 to 65 ℃ and must not be reused. The parts are easy to disassemble and assemble and maintain. No dead corners and other structures that are not easy to clean are not allowed. The freeze-drying box adopts a large round corner structure. All welding structures are ground into circular arc angles or 45° angles after argon arc welding. The connecting hose of the plate layer is SUS304 integral spiral tube without mesh body. Few parts in the box have a thread structure that is not easy to clean. The pipes and bottom of the box are designed with a slight slope. In order to achieve the minimum material outgassing under high vacuum and the purpose of easy removal of dirt during cleaning, the surface of the freeze-dried box and the board must be mirror polished.

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