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How to Freeze Dry Food and Candy at Home

Freeze drying is a way to preserve food and prolong its shelf life. At the same time, freeze-dried food has a very unique taste, so diy freeze dried food is becoming more and more popular.Today I'm going to talk about how to make freeze dry candy and food at home.

What tools do you need to use for freeze-dried food?

The first is to have a mini freeze dry machine for home use.
how to freeze dry food

How to freeze dry candy?

Freeze dried candies have a stronger flavor and have a unique spongy texture, and most have a higher concentration of sugar after the candies have sucked out all the water during the freeze-drying process, so they're a little sweeter than what you'd normally eat.

how to freeze drying candy

The process of freeze drying candy:

Step 1: Cut the candy into small pieces.
Of course, not all candies need to be cut into small pieces. If the candy is larger, it needs to be cut, because the candy freeze-drying will expand. In addition, small pieces of candy can be freeze-dried faster and more efficiently.

Step 2: Pre-freeze Candy in a regular refrigerator
Because the freeze drying time will be very long, freezing the candy in the ordinary refrigerator and then putting it in the freeze drying machine will shorten the freeze drying time.

Step 3: Place candies on freeze drying trays and spread out evenly.
The candy must be spread out, because freeze-drying will cause the volume of the candy to expand exponentially. In addition, it should be placed evenly.

Step 4: Operate the freeze dryer to complete freeze drying.
The freezing process takes about 24-36 hours, and there are several factors that affect the final taste, such as the moisture content of the candy, whether it is pre-frozen, whether the freeze dryer is adequately sealed, etc.

how to freeze dry candy

Once freeze drying is complete, you can remove the freeze-dried candy and place it in airtight containers such as jars and airtight bags, which can be placed anywhere after being airtightly packaged.

*Most candies will expand to a much larger size, so be sure to spread them evenly in your freeze dryer, for larger candies you may need to cut them into small pieces before freeze drying.
*If you freeze-dry hard-shelled candies, they will expand to 2 to 3 times their original size and the shell of the candy will crack

The process of freeze drying candy is similar to dehydration, which is interesting because freeze-drying removes most of the moisture from the candy, so it tastes crunchier and has fewer calories.

Most candies can be freeze dried within 24-36 hours, and freeze dried snacks and candies are a great option if you want to start a small business. They are very tasty, very popular in the market, and because they are not common, they are also very expensive.

What other foods can freeze dryer machine freeze dry?

1.Freeze drying coffee

Freeze drying is a key step in the production of instant coffee. The process of freeze drying coffee is:
*The coffee beans are first roasted and ground, then dissolved in hot water to obtain a highly concentrated liquid, usually, the mass of the obtained coffee solution is about 15-30% of the coffee weight.
*After filtering, the coffee extract is dried to obtain solid soluble coffee.

*Freeze the liquid to about -40°C to form a thin layer before breaking it into small pieces.
*The pellets are then loaded into a freeze dryer.

2.Freeze-dried fruit

Fruit can also be freeze dried, but it may take longer, and freeze dried fruit has a long shelf life, which is a great way to store fruit.
Freeze dried fruit retains all the nutrients of the original fruit and can be enjoyed anytime, as long as you don't add anything during the freeze drying process. Freeze dried fruit is just as healthy as any other type of fruit.
1. Choose fruits with high water content, such as apples, grapes, peaches, pears, these are very popular fruits for freeze drying. Of course, some other fruits can also be freeze dried, such as: bananas, mangoes, kiwis, pineapples, can also be freeze dried.
2. Wash and dry the fruit, and remove the dirt on the surface as much as possible. If the surface of the fruit is not clean, it will affect the effect and taste of freeze drying.
3. Cut the fruit into pieces and place them evenly on the tray of the freeze drying machine. There should be space between the fruit pieces and they should not be attached to each other. Otherwise, the fruit may stick to each other during the freeze drying process.
4. Put the tray into the freeze dryer, start the machine, adjust the time, and start freeze drying.
5. When the time is up, turn on the machine and take out the freeze dried fruit pieces.
6. The uneaten fruit pieces are packed in plastic bags for storage, which can be stored for a long time.

how to freeze dry fruit
It's not difficult to make freeze dried candy and food at home, but it's important that you have a good freeze drying machine.

How to choose a freeze dryer?

There are two types of freeze dryers on the market: home use and laboratory use. Freeze-dried food is the most suitable for home use. In the field of freeze dryers, we have more than ten years of production and sales experience. You can consult us to buy, Our home used freeze dryers have the following advantages:
1) It is easy to operate and can be remotely operated and monitored.
2) The layer is heated to accelerate sublimation and drying.
3) Small size and small footprint.
4) Simple operation, with built-in preset program.
5) With expert mode, users can set operating parameters by themselves.
For specific information, please check our website or inqury us.


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