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100L Pilot Plant Jacket Glass Reactor

Glass reactors are mainly divided into two types: single-layer and double-layer, each of which has many types of glass reactors for you to choose from. Generally, Single layer glass reactor with a capacity of more than 10L can be used for pilot experiments. The biggest difference between the single-layer glass reactor and the double-layer glass reactor is whether the kettle body itself has a heating device bath. The pilot-scale double-layer glass reactor can carry out various solvent synthesis reactions under constant temperature conditions, and can also continuously inhale various liquids and gases at different temperatures for reflux or distillation.Then you know what is a glass reactor used for
100L pilot plant jacket glass reactor

Main features of pilot glass reactor:

●The pilot glass reactor is mainly used to produce a curing agent, which has the characteristics of convenient operation, good mixing effect, and temperature control.
●Pilot glass reactor is generally composed of the reactor, gas riser, vertical condenser and so on. The pilot-scale glass reactor is made of stainless steel and adopts the structure of upper and lower heads.
●It can be evacuated, equipped with a mechanical seal or packing seal, the stirring paddle can be customized with various paddles, the inner pot and jacket of the pilot-scale glass reactor are equipped with a digital temperature control system,
●The upper limit and lower limit of the required temperature can be set freely, and the temperature change can be monitored at any time to improve the efficiency and safety of production.

The temperature range of the pilot glass reactor:

Different pilot requirements are also different. Generally speaking, the temperature of the pilot-scale double-glazed reactor can reach up to 250 ℃, and the lowest can also reach -80 ℃. The double-layer glass reactor can be used normally in the temperature range of -80°C to 250°C, but different heating materials should be selected for unused reaction materials. When to inject the water bath and when to inject the oil bath? Fundamentally speaking, it still depends on the temperature requirements of the pilot test. If the required temperature of the material in the kettle is lower than 99 °C, you can choose the interlayer to inject into the water bath; but if the required temperature is between 99 °C and 250 °C, the medium water cannot meet the requirements, then you should choose oil bath for heating.
In addition, some customers reported that the pilot-scale double-glazed reaction kettle heated up slowly when used in winter, and zzkd will answer this question for you today.
(1) First of all, you can choose special insulation cotton to wrap the pilot-scale double-glazed reaction kettle to achieve an insulation effect;
(2) Secondly, the set temperature can be appropriately increased to shorten the heating time, and when the temperature of the pilot double-layer glass reactor is close to the required temperature, it can be adjusted to the actual temperature;
(3) The reaction solution can also be added in stages, one half of the first time, and the second time when the temperature of the pilot-scale double-layer glass reactor is close to the set temperature. Customers can choose an appropriate method to accelerate the temperature increase according to their actual situation.
50L pilot plant jacket glass reactor

How to choose a pilot glass reactor?

The scale of the pilot glass reactor is the most sensitive issue in the pilot test. So do you know how to choose the capacity of the pilot glass reactor?
The scale of the pilot glass reactor can have several aspects such as processing capacity, production capacity, and reactor volume, but the characteristic size (such as diameter) of the reactor is more definite, and in fact, there is a relationship between them.
The principle of determining the scale of the pilot-scale glass reactor is to check and modify the mathematical model; examine the factors not included in the mathematical model and take into account some practical problems in the construction of the device.
If the pilot-scale glass reactor is a gas-solid catalytic system, the particle size of the catalyst should be the same as that of the industrial device; the diameter of the reactor should be more than 30 times the particle size of the catalyst; the length of the reactor should be more than 100 times the particle size of the catalyst.
If the object of the pilot glass reactor is a reaction process involving bubbles, droplets, and particles, the size of the pilot-scale glass reactor device should ensure that the size of the above three is basically the same as that of the industrial device. For example, the distribution holes, sieve holes, and injection holes cannot be scaled down to ensure that the transfer process in the bubble, droplet, and particle is roughly the same as the industrial conditions; The extra-granular transfer process is basically the same as that of an industrial device.
pilot plant jacket glass reactor

Pilot glass reactor use matters:

The pilot-scale glass reactor is a kind of reaction equipment, which attention to during operation, otherwise, it will be damaged due to many reasons, resulting in the production being forced to stop.
There are many aspects to be paid attention to in the operation of the pilot glass reactor. First of all, the pilot glass reactor must be operated strictly in accordance with the rules and regulations. Second, before the operation,
The pilot glass reactor should be carefully checked for any abnormality. During normal operation, do not open the upper cover and touch the terminals on the board to avoid electric shock;
pressure operation; during the pressure test with nitrogen, carefully observe the change of the pressure gauge, when the pressure test pressure is reached, immediately close the nitrogen valve switch; the heating speed should not be too fast,
Pressurization should also be carried out slowly, especially the stirring speed, and only a slow increase is allowed. Finally, when the body of the pilot-scale glass reactor is heated to a higher temperature, do not
Contact with the kettle body to avoid burns; the temperature should be cooled after the experiment. Do not cool quickly to prevent damage caused by excessive temperature differential pressure. At the same time, unplug the power supply in time.
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