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Ultrasonic cell crusher homogenizer

1)Intelligent control panel
3)Titanium alloy horn
4)Lifting platform


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Ultrasonic cell crusher is also called ultrasonic homogenizer,it is a multi-functional and multi-purpose instrument that uses ultrasonic waves to produce cavitation effects in liquids; it can be used for a variety of animals and plants, viruses, cells, bacteria and It can also be used for emulsification, separation, homogenization, extraction, defoaming, clearing, vegetation of nanomaterials, dispersing and accelerating chemical reactions, etc.It is widely used in teaching, scientific research and production in the fields of biology, microbiology, physics, zoology, agronomy, and pharmacy.

Ultrasonic cell crusher machine

● 4.7-inch large LCD screen.
● Using microcomputer control, it can store 20 groups of working data.
● Ultrasonic time and ultrasonic power can be set according to requirements.
● The ultrasonic power is automatically detected to prevent the ultrasonic power from changing with the temperature of the sample.
● Integrated temperature control prevents overheating of samples.
● Automatic frequency tracking, automatic fault alarm.
● Single ultrasonic time: 0.1-99.9S
● Single interval time: 0.1-99.9S
● Total working time: 1S-99H59M59S
● Working mode: intermittent or continuous
● Frequency: 19.5-20.5KHz

Ultrasonic homogenizer manufacturer

Large LCD display
Microcomputer control
Time and power can be set
Automatic detection of ultrasonic power
Integrated temperature control
Frequency automatic tracking

Ultrasonic cell crusher

1)Intelligent control panel
Intelligent control panel,sensitive to the touch and durable.

Transducer,high energy conversion efficiency.

3)Titanium alloy horn
Titanium alloy horn,acid and alkali resistant.

4)Lifting platform
Lifts,knob lifting,flexible and convenient.

Biological field
Physical field
Animal field
Agricultural field
Plant field
Pharmaceutical field


Model Ultrasonic Frequency(KHZ) Maximum Power (W) Optional
probe(Φ mm)
Crusher Capacity (ml) Sample temperature monitor
UH-150W 20-25 0-150 2,3,6 0.1-150 Yes
UH-250W 20-25 0-250 2,3,6,8 0.1-250 Yes
UH-500W 20-25 0-500 2,3,6,8,10 0.1-500 Yes
UH-650W 20-25 0-650 2,3,6,10,12, 0.1-650 Yes
UH-900W 20-25 0-900 2,3,6,8,10,12 0.1-900 Yes
UH-950W 20-25 0-9500 2,3,6,10,12,15 0.1-950 Yes
UH-1200W 19.5-20.5 0-1200 3,6,10,15,20,22 5-1200 Yes
UH-1500W 19.5-20.5 0-1500 10,15,20,22,25 20-1500 Yes
UH-1800W 19.5-20.5 0-1800 15,20,22,25 50-1800 Yes
UH-2000W 19.5-20.5 0-2000 15,20,22,25 50-2000 Yes
UH-2200W 19.5-20.5 0-2200 15,20,22,25 50-2200 Yes



1)What is the working principle of ultrasonic cell crusher?
The ultrasonic cell disruptor converts electrical energy into sound energy through a transducer. This energy passes through the liquid medium and becomes dense small bubbles. These small bubbles burst quickly and generate energy like small bombs, thus playing The role of substances such as broken cells.

2)What are the main uses of ultrasonic cell disruptor?
Ultrasonic cell disruptor has the functions of breaking tissues, bacteria, viruses, spores and other cell structures, homogenizing, emulsifying, mixing, degassing, disintegrating and dispersing, leaching and extracting, and accelerating reactions, so it is widely used in biology, medicine, Chemical, pharmaceutical, food, cosmetics, environmental protection and other laboratory research and enterprise production.

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