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Why Are Home Use Freeze Dryers So Expensive

Why are freeze dryers so expensive?

When you think about how food should be stored, freeze dryers always come to mind. Mini freeze drying machine is a new type of low-temperature drying equipment. It dries materials in a vacuum and low-temperature environment, so it can well retain the original biological characteristics of the product, such as color, shape, smell and nutrients, so it is very popular. Welcome, but its price is also relatively expensive, so why is the freeze dryer expensive?
Compared with traditional high-temperature drying equipment such as ovens, heat pump equipment, and dryers, the price of freeze dryers is much more expensive, because it is not only drying equipment, but also collects heat, vacuum, refrigeration, pressure vessel manufacturing and automatic control technology. In one, it is a high-tech product, the production cost is higher, and the price is naturally more expensive. In addition, compared with traditional drying equipment, the drying effect of vacuum freeze dryer is better than that of ordinary drying equipment, because the price of freeze dryer will be high.

freeze dry machine

What is the cost and price of a freeze dryer?

A new home freeze dryer candy machine can cost anywhere from $2,400 to $5,000, depending on the size and type of pump (types of pumps include: oil, prime, or oil-free). Additionally, the ongoing cost of supplying and running a freeze dryer can run as high as $30 to $40 per month. Original cost includes freeze dryer, vacuum pump (oil-free pump available), vacuum pump oil, oil filter, tray, mylar bag, oxygen absorber, pulse sealer and freeze drying guide. Also, due to parts, labor, and overhead costs, these reasonable costs are around $1,060 or more.

Vacuum Controller About $100 – $1650+
Vacuum Pump Oil Base About $150 – $1000+
Vacuum Pump, Oil Free About $210 – $600+
Condenser About $60+ each
Freeze Dryer Housing - Stainless Steel About $500 – $700
Miscellaneous About $40+
Labor Changing
Marketing Software Changing
Software Changing
All $1060 – $4050+

In any case, buying a ZZKD freeze dryer is totally worth it, and we are working hard to provide freeze drying machine price. Here are a few of my freeze dryers that we are selling:

Model HFD-1 HFD-6 FD-03H FD-06H
Drying area (m2) 0.4 0.6 0.3 0.56
Tray size (mm) 200*425 220*510 205*385 220*510
Tray numbers 4 4 4 5
Capacity (kg) 4 4 3 6
Shelf size (mm) 210*430 / 385*205 /
Rated power (kW) 1.55 1.55 1.2 2.3
Voltage (V) 220-240V  50-60Hz
Condensertemperature (°C) ≤-35 ≤-50
Vacuum (Pa) <15 <15 <15 <15
Machine size (mm) 615*750*900 620*694*
Weight (kg) 72 / 120 130
Price $3000-4000 $4000-5000 $3000-4000 $4500-6000

Note: The above prices are based on freeze dryers from ZZKD, we are a company that produces freeze dryers for home use. The above quotations are only approximate ranges, please contact us for specific prices.

Is it worth buying a freeze dryer?

Buying a freeze dryer is worthwhile for anyone who wants to preserve a variety of shelf-stable foods (especially large quantities) and want to store those foods for long periods of time in airtight Mylar bags or containers outside the refrigerator or freezer. Freeze-drying preserves flavor, freshness, and 97% of its nutritional value for up to many years, so it's worth the money if used regularly.
A home freeze dryer is worth it for you if:
●You want to retain the nutritional value of food and be able to store it for a long time
●The food you want to preserve retains 97% of its original nutritional value
●You have funds available to invest in food storage, backpacking meals, snacks, etc.
● Your pantry, closet, refrigerator, garage or other area has space for freeze-dried food
home use freeze dry machine

In our experience, buying a home freeze dryer is totally worth it. Before buying it, you may consider buying another drying equipment. Although the freeze dryer does not have an advantage in price, it has a greater advantage in performance.

1. The freeze dryer is suitable for heat-sensitive substances.

Because freeze-drying is performed at low temperatures, it is particularly suitable for many heat-sensitive substances without denaturation or loss of biological activity.

2. The material loss is small.

When drying at low temperature, the loss of some volatile components in the food freeze dryer is very small, which is suitable for the drying of some chemical products, medicines and foods.

3. Maintain physical shape.

During the freeze-drying process, the growth of microorganisms and the action of enzymes cannot be carried out, the volume is almost unchanged, the original structure is maintained, no concentration phenomenon occurs, and there is very little oxygen.

4. Substances are stored for a long time.

The freeze-drying process can remove more than 95-99% of the water, so that the dried product can be stored for a long time without deterioration.


Are you worried about your device taking up space?

ZZKD's smallest freeze dryer weighs 96 pounds (with a vacuum pump), measures 16.5 inches wide, 18.5 inches deep, and 25 inches high, and doesn't take up a lot of space.

How to use a home freeze dryer?

We provide you with a great usage video showing how our home freeze dryer is used.

How long can a freeze dryer last?

Freeze dryers usually last a long time because they are low maintenance. They work like other household appliances, usually for up to ten years. With proper maintenance, they will last longer. And, we can also guarantee 1 year.

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