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Ultrasonic Homogenizer For Sale

Ultrasonic homogenizer is a device that uses high-frequency ultrasonic mechanical vibration to process liquid or suspended liquid to achieve dispersion, emulsification, mixing, crushing, dissolution and other purposes. Ultrasonic cell crusher generally consists of oscillators, transducers, controllers, and processing tanks.
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Working Principle Of Ultrasonic Homogenizer

The working principle of the ultrasonic homogenizer is to use the cavitation effect of ultrasonic waves in the liquid and other physical effects to achieve the homogenization effect. Among them, the cavitation effect means that under the action of ultrasonic waves, the liquid produces cavities in places with weaker strength, that is, small Bubbles, small bubbles pulsate with ultrasound, and within one sound cycle, the cavity will collapse. Ultrasonic cavitation also produces strong mechanical effects, producing fast jets or acoustic impulses near solid interfaces, and powerful shock waves in liquids. Physical action refers to the fact that ultrasonic waves can form effective agitation and flow in the liquid to destroy the structure of the medium and crush the particles in the liquid. The main reason is that the collision between liquids, microphase flow and shock waves cause the surface morphology of particles to change.
ultrasonic homogenizer for sale

Structural Description Of Ultrasonic Homogenizer:

1. Ultrasonic generator: convert the 50-60Hz mains power into a high-power high-frequency (15kHz-100kHz) power supply for the transducer;
2. Transducer: convert high-frequency electrical energy into mechanical vibration energy;
3. Horn: connect and fix the transducer and the tool head, amplify the amplitude of the transducer and transmit it to the tool head;
4. Tool head: transmits mechanical energy and pressure to the work object, and also has the function of amplitude amplification;
5. Connecting bolts: tightly connect the above components;
6. Ultrasonic connecting line: connect the energy converter with the generating source, and transmit electric energy to drive the latter to emit power ultrasonic energy.
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Application Of Ultrasonic Homogenizer:

1. Food processing

Ultrasonic homogenizer can be used to process food, improve the quality and yield of food. Ultrasonic homogenizer can be used for concentration and homogenization of fruit juice. Applying ultrasonic homogenizer to the processing of tomato juice can significantly increase its yield and quality while reducing production costs. The application of ultrasonic homogenizer for sale in food processing also includes the extraction and separation of lactic acid bacteria, proteins and enzymes.

2. Pharmaceutical preparations

Ultrasonic homogenizer for sale can be used in the preparation of biomedical preparations. Using ultrasonic homogenizer, nanomaterials can be combined with drugs to form nanomedicines with high biological activity and efficacy. Treatment of drugs through an ultrasonic homogenizer can significantly increase their permeability and absorption, thereby enhancing their therapeutic effects. In addition, ultrasonic homogenizer can also be used to prepare biomedical preparations such as DNA and RNA.

3. Bioengineering

Ultrasonic homogenizer for sale can be used in genetic engineering, protein purification and cell culture, etc. Ultrasonic homogenizer can be used to process cell samples to improve the purity and yield of cell membrane proteins. The yield of cell membrane protein treated by ultrasonic homogenizer is more than 3 times higher than that obtained by traditional treatment methods. In addition, the ultrasonic homogenizer can be used to isolate and purify biomolecules such as cytoplasm, nucleic acids and proteins.

4. Fuel Cell Preparation

Ultrasonic homogenizer for sale can be used in catalyst preparation and fuel cell assembly. Ultrasonic homogenizer can be used to prepare a highly efficient fuel cell catalyst. Applying ultrasonic homogenizer in the preparation process of fuel cell catalyst can significantly improve its catalytic activity and stability, thereby improving the performance of fuel cell.

5. Metallurgical industry

Ultrasonic homogenizer for sale can be used to extract metal materials. Ultrasonic homogenizer can be used to speed up smelting and improve the efficiency of extracting metal materials. Applying ultrasonic homogenizer to the production process of nickel alloy can significantly improve its production efficiency and material quality.

6. Environmental monitoring

Ultrasonic homogenizer for sale can be used in environmental monitoring, such as sewage treatment and soil pollution remediation. Ultrasonic homogenizer can be used to treat organic waste and microorganisms in sewage and reduce its pollutant concentration.

7. Chemical Industry

Ultrasonic homogenizer for sale can be used for catalytic reaction in chemical industry and solid-liquid separation in production process. Ultrasonic homogenizer can be used in the preparation of catalysts for catalytic reactions to improve the efficiency and output of catalytic reactions. Applying ultrasonic homogenizer to solid-liquid separation in the production process can significantly improve separation efficiency and solid output.
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Regular cleaning of transducers and process tanks

When cleaning the transducer and the treatment tank, care must be taken not to damage the ceramic crystals and reflective materials on the transducer surface. It can be cleaned with special cleaning fluid or clean water.

Pay attention to the service life of the transducer

The transducer is the core component of the ultrasonic homogenizer, and its service life is affected by factors such as the frequency of use, the type and temperature of the liquid being processed. Generally speaking, the service life is about 1000 hours.

Pay attention to keep the liquid in the treatment tank clean

Impurities or sediment present in the liquid can damage the transducer and the treatment tank and affect the homogenization. Therefore, it is necessary to regularly clean up the impurities and sediments in the treatment tank.

Pay attention to the usage environment of ultrasonic homogenizer

The ultrasonic homogenizer should be placed in a dry, ventilated, dust-free environment with little electromagnetic interference. When using, avoid using it in an environment with high temperature, high humidity, strong light and vibration, so as not to affect its performance and life.
Regularly inspect all parts of the machine
Check whether the various parts of the ultrasonic homogenizer are normal, such as whether the ceramic crystal of the transducer has cracks, whether there is damage in the treatment tank, etc. If a problem is found, it needs to be repaired or replaced in time.
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