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Stainless steel jacketed reactor tank

Stainless steel jacketed reactor is one of our main products,According to the capacity, can be divided into : 20L stainless steel reactor, 50L stainless steel reactor, 100L stainless steel reactor,etc.

100l stainless steel reactor

Stainless steel jacketed reactor is a kind of stainless steel vessel with physical and chemical changes.304 stainless steel or 316L stainless steel and other high-quality stainless steel are often used in production.Easy to use and easy to maintain. How does it work?

20l stainless steel reactor

Principle of stainless steel jacketed reactor:
The reaction lysozyme can be put into the stainless steel reactor to make a stirring reaction, and the compartment can be heated or refrigerated through different cold and heat sources.Through the reactor compartment, a temperature-controlled hot-lysing enzyme or refrigeration medium is introduced to control the temperature, heating or cooling of the raw materials in the reactor.

At the same time, the stirring reaction can be carried out under normal pressure or negative pressure according to the application requirements.The raw materials are reacted in the stainless steel reactor, and the volatilization and reflux of the reaction solvent are adjusted. After the reaction, the raw materials are released from the discharge port at the bottom of the kettle, which is simple and convenient to use.

The stainless steel reactor can be designed and customized according to the production process of raw materials, and complete the combination of heating, volatilization, refrigeration and slow and high speed processes, which can better meet the production needs.Better corrosion resistance makes it have a longer service life and saves product costs for the company.

50l stainless steel jacketed reactor

The control board of the stainless steel reactor tank needs to be properly connected to the ground wire, and the wiring of the stainless steel reactor tank should be used without power transmission to avoid the control board from being used in flammable environments such as oil and gas.

After the control instrument of the stainless steel reactor is connected to the power supply, it cannot be pulled out or touched any plugs during use.Stainless steel reactor needs to use pipelines to effectively connect its explosion-proof ports to the outside world. When the equipment is operating, any button should be in the initial state.

The stainless steel reactor cannot be heated after the temperature is determined, and its temperature preset value needs to be effectively changed during the heating process.If the medium reaction is too strong or there is a serious chemical change that etches stainless steel, the corresponding special stainless steel reactor should be selected.

In the cleaning process of the stainless steel reactor, water or other liquids do not need to be injected into the heating furnace. Therefore, when the reactor is not used for a long time, it needs to be cleaned and stored in a clean, dry, and corrosion-resistant place.

During the operation of the stainless steel reactor, various appearances of the equipment and explosion-proof equipment must be regularly maintained to ensure the normal operation of the equipment.When the protective casing is operating abnormally, the machine must be shut down and the pressure released to inspect the mixing equipment.

The main reason for the fire accident caused by the leakage of the stainless steel reactor is in the design stage, so the fire protection setting of the equipment in the design stage is very critical.
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