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Pharmaceutical Jacketed Reactor With Agitator

The Single layer glass reactor is one of the very important equipments used in the production process of the pharmaceutical manufacturing industry. In recent years, with the rapid development of the domestic pharmaceutical and pharmaceutical machinery industries, the double-layer glass reactor, as one of the pharmaceutical machinery and equipment, will play a role in increasingly obvious. With the gradual expansion of the application of the reactor in the pharmaceutical field, its safety accidents also occur frequently. Therefore, ZZKD glass reactor manufacturers should pay close attention to various details during the production and use of jacketed reactor with agitator, so as to promote the better application of glass reactors in the pharmaceutical production process.
The inner core of the stirring rod of the reaction kettle is specially made of 321 stainless steel to enhance the strength of corrosion resistance. It is built with military technology, and the workmanship is more refined, making the operation more convenient.
The double-layer glass reactor can not only provide high temperature reaction (high temperature can reach 300 ℃), but also can do low temperature reaction (low temperature can reach -80 ℃), and can also be evacuated to do vacuum reaction. In the reaction of different media in the double-layer glass reactor, it is necessary to first check whether the media corrodes the main material. Special orders are required for violent instantaneous reactions, chemical reactions that generate a large amount of gas or high temperature, flammable and explosive, and high pressure, high temperature or chloride ions, fluoride ions in the medium and other reactions that cause serious corrosion to stainless steel. Except the kettle body and jacket are made of transparent glass, the others are made of stainless steel or other metal materials.
jacketed reactor with agitator

★Double glass reactor

With reference to foreign advanced technology, our company has designed and manufactured a 1-100L double-layer glass reactor, as well as its matching heating-cooling-refrigeration cycle device. You are welcome to choose. The 10l jacketed glass reactors vessel design kettle can provide high temperature reaction (with the corresponding circulating oil bath, the maximum temperature can reach 300 °C); Reach -80 ℃); the double-member glass reactor can be evacuated to a vacuum, and the real cross reaction can be done. Jack, Ann's unique design makes the test more convenient.

★The working principle of the jacketed reactor with agitator  is:

Through the interlayer of the double-layer reactor, a constant temperature (high temperature or low temperature) hot solution or cooling liquid is injected to heat or cool the materials in the reactor at a constant temperature, and stirring can be provided. The material is reacted in the reaction kettle, and the evaporation and reflux of the reaction solution can be controlled. After the reaction is completed, the material can be discharged from the discharge port at the bottom of the kettle, and the operation is extremely convenient. It is an ideal equipment for modern chemical samples, petrochemicals, mid-sample experiments, biopharmaceuticals and new material synthesis. For the pharmaceutical reaction process at a glance, it is convenient to control the reaction process.

★Characteristics of jacketed reactor with agitator

●AC motor variable frequency speed regulation stirring, stable and reliable operation, large torque, no sparks.
●The PTFE components are sealed to maintain a high degree of vacuum.
●Can work under normal pressure and negative pressure, the negative pressure can reach -0.096MPa
● Constant temperature numerical control oil bath pot (electric heating jacket optional), accurate and convenient temperature control (freezing optional).
●Main body stainless steel structure, beautiful and corrosion-resistant.
●Temperature control heating and circulating oil bath pot, our company adopts microcomputer control, which has higher precision and less fluctuation


★Precautions for use:

According to the relevant staff,
●The jacketed reactor with agitator kettle should not exceed 2/3 of the liquid level of the kettle body when loading the reaction medium;
●When working or at the end, it is strictly forbidden to disassemble under pressure! It is strictly forbidden to work the kettle under the condition of overpressure and overtemperature;
●The jacket heat-conducting oil is heated. When adding the heat-conducting oil, be careful not to mix water or other liquids into it, and check the oil level of the heat-conducting oil from time to time;
●If there is abnormal noise inside the isolation sleeve during operation, stop the machine to release the pressure and check whether there is any abnormality in the stirring system.
● Regularly check the swing amount of the stirring shaft, if the swing amount is too large, the bearing or sliding sleeve should be replaced in time;
●Connect the corresponding voltage according to the operating voltage of the controller, single-phase 220V, three-phase 380V, the live wire and neutral wire of the controller should not be reversed.
The jacketed reactor with agitator is a processed chemical container, which is designed in various styles in order to adapt to various chemical solvents. But no matter which style it is, there is a problem that must be paid attention to, that is, the problem of solid precipitates in the solvent. When a large amount of solvent is chemically reacted in the double-layer glass reactor, the solid matter in the solvent will inevitably slowly precipitate to the bottom of the reactor. When more and more solid matter fills the bottom of the jacketed reactor with agitator, it will affect the normal operation of the thermal insulation layer at the bottom. Once the thermal cycle is interrupted or disrupted, it means that the chemical action in the reactor does not play a role in application. We can solve it by adding stainless steel reactor bottom. As long as the stainless steel reactor bottom is installed, the solid matter will only precipitate on it, and will not completely fall into the bottom of the double-layer glass reactor, which ensures the continuity of heat conduction and avoids the failure of chemical reactions.

 jacketed reactor with agitator parameters

Due to the particularity of the production and preparation of biopharmaceuticals, it is recommended that the glass reactor be used in conjunction with a vacuum pump and a refrigeration pump. Because the raw materials of biopharmaceuticals are substances with high nutritional value, they are very susceptible to bacterial contamination and corruption, so that the biologically active ingredients are easily deteriorated. Loss of pharmacological effects.
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