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Lyophilizer Freeze Dryer Price

In the selection and purchase of mini freeze dry machine, people often pay attention to lyophilizer freeze dryer price. ZZKD will sort out the market quotations of freeze dryers for you, and can also provide customers with complete packages of freeze drying equipment production line projects. Welcome to inquire. Discounted offer, freeze-drying process technology.

 lyophilizer freeze dryer price
First of all, it is necessary to distinguish whether it is pharmaceutical type or food-grade freeze-drying equipment. Generally, pharmaceutical type has higher configuration and requirements than food-grade freeze-drying equipment, so the price of pharmaceutical freeze-drying machines is also higher than that of food-grade freeze-drying machines.
Secondly, according to the demand for freeze-drying output, select the corresponding freeze-drying machine. Usually the larger the equipment area, the higher the output and the higher the lyophilizer freeze dryer price. For the same area, different manufacturers have different configurations, and the prices of mini freeze dry machine are also different.
According to your simple analysis of ZZKD, the price of the freeze dryer determines the quality of the equipment to a certain extent. The manufacturing technology of the freeze dryer is developed by integrating heat, vacuum, refrigeration, pressure vessel manufacturing and automatic control technology. When choosing a freeze dryer, don't blindly pursue low prices, after all, you get what you pay for.

What are the influencing factors of lyophilizer freeze dryer price

The price of the freeze dryer is relatively expensive, but the price gap is also relatively large, ranging from 3,000 US dollars to 8,000 US dollars. The price is affected by many factors, so what are the factors that affect the price of the freeze dryer?
1. The product price of vacuum freeze dryer will be affected by brand factors. Different brands will have different prices. The price of big brand vacuum freeze dryers will be more expensive, mainly depending on the strength of the company producing the brand and industry reputation And other factors.
2. Secondly, the refrigeration system, the core component of the freeze dryer, will also affect the product price. The refrigeration system is the main part of the freeze dryer, and the price varies according to the system and process.
3. Factors affecting the price of the freeze dryer are its parameters, including working temperature, vacuum degree, freezing area, cooling rate, etc. These factors will affect the actual price of the freeze dryer.

lyophilizer freeze dryer price details
 how much lyophilizer freeze dryer price

Is the higher the vacuum freeze dryer, the better?

When buying a vacuum freeze dryer, the more expensive the lyophilizer freeze dryer price is, the higher its performance parameters are. However, it is not necessary to buy an expensive freeze dryer, such as a household food freeze dryer. To compare the performance of the dry machine, the price is too high, and no matter how good the performance is, it is a waste.
Generally speaking, when buying a freeze dryer, the purchase budget is mainly based on the products that need to be freeze-dried. The price is not the only factor that determines the quality of the freeze dryer, but also depends on the actual performance and parameters.

What are the main parameters to consider when choosing a food freeze dryer

The food freeze dryer is used to freeze-dry food. When choosing, mainly refer to the following seven parameters:

1. Freeze-dried area

Users should determine the freeze-drying machine with a large freeze-drying area through calculation according to their own needs.

2. Cold trap temperature

The cold trap is a device for capturing moisture during the freeze-drying process. Theoretically speaking, the lower the temperature of the cold trap, the stronger the water-capturing capacity of the cold trap, but the lower the temperature of the cold trap, the higher the refrigeration requirements, and the higher the machine cost and operating cost.

3. Cooling rate

The cooling rate reflects the refrigeration capacity of the refrigeration system. Under no-load conditions, the temperature of the cold trap should reach the minimum temperature specified in the index within 1 hour.

4. Ultimate vacuum

The ultimate vacuum reflects the leakage of the freeze dryer and the pumping efficiency of the vacuum pump.

5. Vacuum time

The emptying speed of the freeze-drying box should be pumped from atmospheric pressure to 15Pa within half an hour.

6. Layer temperature uniformity and flatness

The uniformity and flatness of the plate temperature have a great influence on the uniformity of product quality. The better the temperature uniformity and flatness, the better the quality uniformity of freeze-dried products.

7. Control system

The type and function of the control system of the freeze dryer are different. For the freeze dryer of the experimental series, it is mainly used for the exploration of the freeze-drying process of materials and a small amount of trial production. Therefore, the control system should be able to display and automatically record the parameters of the freeze-drying process in real time; set, modify and effectively execute the freeze-drying process program; have a communication interface to facilitate data collection and storage.

 lyophilizer freeze dryer price

What is the price of ZZKD lyophilizer freeze dryer?

A new home freeze dryer from ZZKD can cost anywhere from $2,400 to $5,000, depending on the size and type of pump (pump types include: oil pump, prime pump, or oil-free pump). Additionally, the ongoing cost of supplying and running a freeze dryer can run as high as $30 to $40 per month. Original cost includes freeze dryer, vacuum pump (oil-free pumps available), vacuum pump oil, oil filter, trays, mylar bags, oxygen absorber, pulse sealer, and freeze drying guide. Also, due to parts, labor, and overhead costs, these are reasonable costs of approximately $1,060 or more.
In any case, it is totally worth buying ZZKD freeze dryers, and we are trying our best to provide freeze dryers at the best price. Here are some freeze dryers that we are selling:

Model HFD-1 HFD-6 FD-03H FD-06H
Drying area (m2) 0.4 0.6 0.3 0.56
Tray size (mm) 200*425 220*510 205*385 220*510
Tray numbers 4 4 4 5
Capacity (kg) 4 4 3 6
Shelf size (mm) 210*430 / 385*205 /
Rated power (kW) 1.55 1.55 1.2 2.3
Voltage (V) 220-240V  50-60Hz
Condensertemperature (°C) ≤-35 ≤-50
Vacuum (Pa) <15 <15 <15 <15
Machine size (mm) 615*750*900 620*694*
Weight (kg) 72 / 120 130
Price $3000-4000 $4000-5000 $3000-4000 $4500-6000
Note: The above prices are based on ZZKD freeze dryers, we are a company that produces freeze dryers for household use. The above lyophilizer freeze dryer price is just an approximate range, please contact us for the specific price.
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